Located in the Pomerol terroir, Château La Conseillante stands amongst the most renown vineyards in France. The property was acquired by the Nicolas Family in 1871 whose successors have been perpetuating the production of red wine ever since its creation. Five generations have led this unique heritage to become a member of the Union des Grands Crus and the Bordeaux Wine Academy. Indeed, the estate has not been modified since its foundation, ensuring a high quality to its vintages. The composition of the wine is an assembly of 80% of Merlot guaranteeing a smooth taste, and 20% of Cabernet-Franc bringing freshness to the bottles.

The vineyard lays on 12 hectares and has produced 146 vintages since its creation. As the winemakers of Château La Conseillante have analyzed, their wine is a “complex aromatic pallet of violets, liquorice, truffles and red berries »


The Château is directed by three General Managers: Bertrand Nicolas, Jean-Valmy Nicolas and Henry Nicolas. Even though they all control the finances of their ancestors’ estate, Bertrand ensures himself that the quality and regularity of the vintages remain constant, Jean-Valmy develops sales strategies and promotes his family’s Château on a national and international scale. Jean-Valmy and Henri Nicolas – supervising the property’s finances – have both been Members of the family Council since 2003.


In addition to the Nicolas group, Marielle Cazaux has been directing Château La Conseillante since 2015, managing the winemaking, viticulture and the image of the property in other countries.