Located in Volnay, the Domaine de Montille can be traced back to the 1750’s. Étienne’s pioneering father, Hubert de Montille one of the ‘greats’ in winemaking, was one of the first to believe in the future of bottling. In the 1950’s the Domaine made its mark throughout Burgundy, revitalizing the particularly Burgundian notion of ‘terroir.’ The wines of Domaine de Montille today are famed for their authenticity, they improve with time and have plenty of personality.

Étienne’s style and philosophy combines biodynamic farming and whole cluster fermentation to add aromatics and elegance. Wine may need to age 5 to 7 years before settling down and expressing themselves.

All the wines remaining true to the vision he learned by his father’s side: authenticity of terroir, aromatic purity, underlying elegance and balance to construct a well-bred Pinot Noir but, as a difference with the past, with silkier tannins and less austerity.