For the occasion of Art Basel 2015, Kraemer Gallery Paris presented a unique exhibition at Liang Yi Museum: ‘Great Minds Think Alike: 18th Century French and Chinese Furniture Design’, showcasing the aesthetic and formal similarities of French and Chinese furniture between the 17th and 18th century. In collaboration with Kraemer Gallery in Paris, for the first time in the history of museology, furniture from France and China are brought together side-by-side, revealing an uncanny kinship in their designs and craftsmanship.

Sharing the same philosophy and ambition to create a bridge between the East and West, Pont des Arts is proud to collaborate with Kraemer Gallery for this unique exhibition as its privileged partner. “With such similar philosophies, the collaboration with Kraemer gallery and Liang Yi Museum during this unique exhibition was too self-evident”.

Visitors are invited to study the contrasts and similarities in style between France and China furniture, while discovering and enjoying the exclusive wine collections of Pont des Arts.

The Pont des Arts team was present every evening during the Art Basel Week 2015, from 12th – 17th March, to introduce the original concept of the brand.